Sunday’s Week in ReVerse – 23 December 2018

All is calm all is bright. The moon is full. There’s a hush in the air. I finally hung a wreath on the door. It’s not that I’m a bah humbug. It is just that the holiday season has become a quieter, more reflective time for me as I enter the wintering of my life. I spend my days reflecting on the passing year as it winds to an end. I count my blessings and offer a prayer of hope for things unfinished.

So, this week’s reverse is a day late. But, strangely, I’m not bothered about it. There is a sense of grace surrounding me, encouraging me to pause, assuring me that it’s okay to my self-imposed obligations. To rest. And so I did rest. The words, these words, are always with me, ready to be spilled out on a page. And so, here they are, a day late, right on time.

Be gentle with yourself this holiday season. The world can wait if you need to rest. Grace abounds. May you find peace in silent pauses. Give yourself permission to savor them.

Sunday’s Week in ReVerse – 23 December 2018

weekends are for taking naps
light to bind the hearts
things like warm smiles, long kisses,
dancing that thin line
a perfect view…
no one rests ‘til we see black
it is futile to complain
blessed peace, love, and light
merry bright, may our dreams keep
cherish the moments
how bright the earth shines


A ReVerse poem is a summary poem with a single line lifted from each entry of a collection of work over a particular timeframe and re-penned in chronological order as a new poem. Unlike a collaborative poem, the ReVerse features the words of one writer, providing a glimpse into their thoughts over time. I use it as a review of the previous week.

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