Twittering Tale #98 – 21 August 2018


About the challenge: Each Tuesday I will provide a photo prompt. Your mission, if you choose to accept the challenge, is to tell a story in 280 characters or less. When you write your tale, be sure to let me know in the comments with a link to your tale.

A final note: if you need help tracking the number of characters in your story, there is a nifty online tool that will count for you at

I will do a roundup each Tuesday, along with providing a new prompt. And if for some reason I missed your entry in the Roundup, as I have occasionally done, please let me know. I want to be sure to include your tale.

Finally, have fun!

And REMEMBER…you have 280 characters (spaces and punctuation included), to tell your tale…and a week to do it. I can’t wait to see what you create this week.

Twittering Tales #97 – The Roundup


Starting us off..

Celia couldn’t sleep. As she stepped into the night, an eerie hush hummed in the coolness.
Suddenly, a cat growled nearby, startling her, it’s back arched as it recoiled, hissing.
Then, in horror she noticed her hands, covered in fur.
“Damn full moon!” she howled. “Sorry, kitty.”
280 Characters

From Reena at ReInventions:
Writers’ Block
Be not proud, Sun and Moon! Artificial moons dot the night sky.
The writers’ block hits me at this point. How do I take it ahead?

I feel a shadow hovering over me, shifting shapes. I let her out of the balcony door, and write …
A troubled soul on moonless nights…
The story starts ….

(280 characters)

From Deepa at Sync with Deep:
Love in the Moonlight
under the full moon
on their anniversary
the hungry souls
could not bury their love
in the graves

From Amritha at Igniting Hope:
Dreams on Fire
As the reflection of the full moon glittered in her twinkling eyes, little Sara slept beneath her neatly tucked up blanket.
“Good night dear sun, my favourite cat, my doting humming birds!” she whispered.
Finally she thanked the moon in her sleep for lighting up her dreams.
(274 characters)

It seemed to be the perfect hiding place. The thief lowered the satchel of cash into the sewer drain. He would retrieve it later.

Then the rains came. Days of rain. The sewers overflowed into the streets.

When the thief returned for his booty, a group of detectives was waiting.


277 Characters

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