Sunday’s Week in ReVerse – 24 June 2018

It’s a new day and with it, a new opportunity to leave a positive impact in the tiny space you inhabit here. As so many are, this past week was a roller coaster of emotional drama playing out on the world stage. People in the U.S. are beginning to wake up to the atrocities and lies being perpetrated by our government. Being woke is a good thing, of course, but with it comes responsibility and frustration too.

It can feel as if the solutions to our problems are too big or impossible to solve. Of course this can lead to feelings of hopelessness. But we can counter those feelings with tiny acts of good right where we are at. It may not feel like we’re doing enough, but I can tell you, it is more than enough when added to the tiny acts of others who fight the urge to give up and let their own little light shine.

As for me…this week, when faced with the horrible situation at my county’s southern border I did my little part. I wrote about it, contacted my congressmen, contributed to an organization devoted to reuniting families…and, while I hadn’t planned it, found myself presented with an opportunity to save a life. Here is the little life that presented herself to me …

In her short life this little soul has suffered so much. She was dumped at a “kill shelter” (that’s an oxymoron if I ever saw one…) with her three puppies. Yes, at one year of age she had already had puppies, while a puppy herself. A rescue group saved them and contacted us with a request…”would you consider adopting this little girl?”

This week, when all my little actions felt like they were not enough, it was as if the universe was letting me in on a very big secret. As big and as powerful as the ocean is, it is made of tiny drops of water, the earth is made of specks of dust and a blizzard, millions of snowflakes. And sometimes, sometimes, the tiniest thing can make a huge impact.

How could I say no when this little opportunity arrived. Granted I am not changing the world and all its ills, but I did save a life this week. Her name is Gabriel, Gabby for short. Named for an archangel who just happens to be a patron for children and mothers, and writers, communicators and artists (I discovered this AFTER we named her…synchronicity at work? I love it!). Perfection. She is the angel that helped me see that doing what we can, where we are, no matter how small, is more than enough.

Have a great week. Do what you can to make your corner of world brighter, better. If we all do our tiny part, we will overcome the darkness by letting our little lights shine!

Sunday’s Week in ReVerse – 24 June 2018

when walls aren’t talking
all it takes is people
so alive…
don’t look behind
i have watched you
when innocence roars
where are the babies
gloaming in the wings
routine ‘midst chaos
righteous cries of the innocent
submerged in pellucid pools
heaven’s tears


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