(yes it’s a made up word…😜…do not try this at home!)

well, it’s always something, except when it’s not
for your two cent’s worth, I’ll give you a penny
what a deal, it’s a steal, a real bargain that’s hot,
hook, line and sinker, want more? I’ve got plenty
yes, I could go on and on, with this row,
spinning these idioms, ad hoc, ad nauseum
I’ll toss some cliches in the mix you might know,
or not, I can flip flop, flop flip with the best of them
but it’s getting late and it’s been a long week
it’s time to wind down, calm things down for the night
count my blessings, count sheep, pray my soul to keep
it’s a nightmare just waiting to happen, sleep tight
no witching hour wake up haunts at 3 a.m.
adrift on soft clouds, undisturbed R.E.M.
cause it’s always something, except when it’s not
tired, exhausted, this poem’s not my best
if there was a prompt for today, I forgot
you can thank me later, I’ll give it a rest!


Coined a few, perhaps a few too many, idioms for today’s NaPoWriMo 2018 Day 13 Prompt: write a poem in which the words or meaning of a familiar phrase get up-ended.

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