Thin-Skinned Deep

Today was The Great Unveiling. Crorrarq glanced at himself in the mirror. It had been seven years since the occupation. Seven years of blending in under a layer of celluloid, masking his true nature. Crorrarq was one of millions.

The Elders had vehemently opposed the event. “It’s much too soon. We’ve been observing these humans,” they said. “How can we expect to be accepted for who we are when they don’t even accept their own? You’ve seen them. Building their walls, hoarding their riches from the poorest of their kind. Killing each other for money and resources. Turning away those who are weak or different. No,” they warned, “humans are far too barbaric and uncivilized to accept us as neighbors.”

But the decision was made. Votes were cast. The Great Unveiling would go on as planned.

At noon on that fateful day every alien on the planet revealed themself to the humans they had grown to love and who claimed to love them. It was a dreadful day. The humans saw only monsters where once they saw friends. Every alien was rounded up, imprisoned and ultimately executed.

The Elders had been right all along. It was much too soon.


(199 Words)

For Sunday’s Photo Fiction Challenge based on this photo by our host Al.

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