A Tiny Interruption

photo prompt by Jules Paige.

The gray, overcast skies matched his mood. John had a bad habit of staying in relationships long past their demise. She was waiting for him at the end of the pier. Their spot. John was beginning to regret that he didn’t suggest they meet at the cafe on the corner.

“Hey. Hope you haven’t been waiting long,” he lied. He was late, hoping she’d get mad and leave, allowing him to do this by text. No such luck.

Darla turned around when she heard his voice. She had been crying. “There you are,” she sniffled.

“I’m sorry I was late. Darla, we need to talk.”

“We do John. I’ve been sitting here wondering how I was going to tell you this. But you go first,” she looked at him through tear stained eyes.

“No. You go ahead.” Maybe she realized it too, John hoped. Then he wouldn’t have to be the bad guy.

Darla sighed, “I’m pregnant John. We’re going to have a baby.”

kat – 31 March 2017
(164 Words)

For Sunday Photo Fiction based on his photo prompt by Jules Paige.


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