The Fourth Estate

The Fourth Estate

If not for our brave Fourth Estate wielding
its ink-dipped sword of truth, we might
be relegated to alternate reality that
spews from lofty golden towers and
seeping bubbles oozing putrid slime.
Forever reign, oh Fourth Estate! Protect
us from the creeping goo that drips from
salivating tongues hungry for the souls
of fools who still believe the earth is
white and darkness dwells only in
light, where up is down and there is
when, who cling to lies of haughty
men, who slay the loathsome meek to
win, to fill their coffers to the brim…

We’re all but lost but for the brave
who rally at the gates of Hell, who scrape
away the dross and live to tell, who rise
up with tenacity for only they can keep
us free, speaking truth to power to the end.

kat ~ 25 February 2017
(Free Verse Poetry)

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