Twittering Tale #17 – 14 February 2017


About the challenge: Each Tuesday I will provide a prompt photo, and your mission is to tell a story based on that prompt in 140 characters or less.

If you accept the challenge, be sure to let me know in the comments with a link to your tale. A final note: if you need help tracking the number of characters in your story, there is a nifty online tool that will count for you at

I will do a roundup each Tuesday, along with providing us a new prompt.  Have Fun!

Here is the roundup of last week’s creative twittering tales based on the photo below. If I missed your story, please let me know so I can add it to the line-up.


Photo from

From Michael at Morpethroad:

The cat trained me well. I knew when to fed it when to nurse it when to leave it alone.
It purred contentedly in my lap when happy with me.
(140 characters)

From Di at Pensivity101:

He could feel the love through the pain, and sighed.
She knew where to assert just enough pressure and with tears in her eyes, felt him go.
(138 characters)

From Willow at Willowdot21:

Tom was busy he took his  work seriously! The  food  and  perks  were good.He  was well loved and  he  was proud of his title Hospice Cat.
 (139  Characters)

From Lorraine at 25WordsOrLess:

After many years of practice, Patricia perfected the Vulcan mind meld on cats. Live long and prospurr.
(102 characters)

From Ros at RamblingsFromRos:

No cats inside. Who was she to care? In a few minutes they would be somewhere without rules. She’d fed the cat. She just had to eat hers.
(138 characters)

From Joy at Poetry Joy

Tired, sweetly supine in her
arms, this dear feline friend
remains more faithful than
the rest, whom time and age
gradually removed, dispersed
(140 characters)

She didn’t want to go, leave
this house and home, for who
else would know how to take
care of her darling cat or give
her such loving attention?
(140 characters)

She stroked him under the chin
and chuckled deep within, for
none could know this cat now
in sweet repose was none
other than a witch’s familiar
(140 characters)

From Kathryn at AnotherFoodieBlogger:

Gladys was fed up with the damned therapy cat they kept placing in her lap.

“Shhh kitty, be still. You won’t feel a thing.”
(139 Characters)

From Peter at Peter’s Ponderings:

Sophie, the dementia care cat, knew that she may be roughly handled, she didn’t mind. She’d seen too many come and go, but loved them all!
(140 characters)

Claude had been a faithful companion to Mary for 15 years.  This was the best lap in the world. Together they breathed a last contented sigh!
(140 characters)

From Nicola at Sometimes Stellar Storyteller:  

Every day I’ve squeezed the life from my childhood pet, and every day he’s woken, reborn. Defiant. Never will I be free of Lucifer’s cat.
(137 Characters)

From Kirstwrites:

Minutes ticked by. Every day just like the last, alone with her memories. At least the cat was company. She wished the phone would ring.
(138 Characters)

From Reena:  

The bridal henna was fading away, but Kitty had not allowed my husband to come near me. It was a tough choice between love and loyalty.
(135 characters)

From Gayl:

Old, Wrinkled, Still Beautiful
Her hands were wrinkled, but still a certain beauty lingered about her.
Trouble is it seemed no one cared except her fluffy feline friend.
(138 characters)

Grief and Comfort
Her heart was heavy. Her soul mate was dead.
Kitty seemed to sense her pain and refused to leave.
It brought a bit of comfort in her grief.
(139 characters)

The Gift of a Pet
Bella loved Sam, a gift from her son.
She laughed at the antics of this furry pet.
He wore himself out, only to sleep peacefully in her lap.
(140 characters)

From Irena at Books and Hot Tea:

My pet loves to cuddle and I love the soft touch, too. But at times, the pet cuddles for too long. I guess that’s what I have the claws for.
(140 characters)

From sydthejack at 2WholeMinutes:

I stroked his neck, his fur and purring calming me, centering me. Our eyes met, a silent understanding between us. My bubby, his human.
(136 Characters) 

From Mick E. Talbot Poems:

twittering tales
from the hearts of many
love despair hope

so much goodness
twittering tales all from the heart
love hope empathy

Twittering Tales (Acrostic)
Interesting too
Taken from life
Inner visions

Take heed
All thee who care
Seek truth
(Characters: 140)

From Pat at Black Cat Alley:

Gran is a-jammin’
smokin’ right
her groove got
with bat alight.

Gran is a-jammin’
in 7th Heaven
she her weed
me my seed
nippy cat’s meow
(character count: 136)

and from me:

Morty roamed the halls of Shady Grove growling at anyone who got too close. But it was well-known if he liked you, your days were numbered.
(139 Characters)

Thank you EVERYONE for participating. Such sweet, whimsical, and macabre tales this week. What a variety!  And thank you as well for sharing the challenge with your friends and followers. A few new voices joined the challenge. Hope everyone comes back this week to tell the tale of the photo below. In honor of Valentine’s Day I give you Twittering Tale #17.


Photo from

She walked here each day. Norm traced a heart in the sand. As she passed by, a huge wave swallowed his ankles. “Tomorrow,” he sighed.
(134 Characters)

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