Twittering Tales #16 – 7 February 2017


About the challenge: Each Tuesday I will provide a prompt photo, and your mission is to tell a story based on that prompt in 140 characters or less.

If you accept the challenge, be sure to let me know in the comments with a link to your tale. A final note: if you need help tracking the number of characters in your story, there is a nifty online tool that will count for you at

I will do a roundup each Tuesday, along with providing us a new prompt.  Have Fun!

Here is the roundup of last week’s creative twittering tales based on the photo below. If I missed your story, please let me know so I can add it to the line-up.


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Gayl from her blog of Words, Photos and Art started us off with three wistful tales bring us full circle.

Leaving Home
With a lump in his throat he took one last look.

Saying goodbye was hard. Determined, he turned away.
He’d do his best and make them proud.
(137 characters)

The Big City
Big city awaits
Scary for this country boy
A new place and job

Her letters charmed him
For the first time they would meet
Would they hit it off?
(139 characters)

Coming Back Home
Would anyone recognize him? 16 years had passed!

Still, it was home. At least his mom would welcome him with a hug.
He was nervous but happy.
(139 characters)

Pat from BlackCatAlley wrote about rites of passage.

Look left at what’s left behind.
Right holds no purchase yet
A shadowed place of regret
Black ashes fill your mouth
Rite of passage will out.
(character count: 138)

Michael at Morpethroad wrote a tale that really tugged at the old heartstrings with a cliffhanger! Grab a tissue.

Will he be there?
What will I do if he’s not?
I’ve nowhere to go.
He said he’d be there.
I can’t turn around now.
Please be there.
I love you.
(136 Characters)

Kathryn at AnotherFoodieBlogger gave us a cautionary tale about what happens when one does not pay attention. I have to admit she got me. I completely misread the ending!

With his Beats on full blast, he didn’t hear the “assume crash position” command in the final minute before touchdown. All survived but one.

Lady Lee Manila penned a tale of pondering and acceptance in her twitter poem.

Endured the pain
Summer came
Was there a flicker of hope?
Did I overcome the storm?
When the flame died down
I had to accept

No place like home
(137 Characters)

Di at Pensivity101 wrote about the high price of overcoming a phobia.

She wondered if it was worth it.
Ten thousand bucks to look out of a window.
That was the cost of addressing her flying anxiety.
(126 characters)

Joy at Poetry Joy shared three poetic tales tucked into a lovely essay about home.

He feels a tug to look back
calling him homeward
His eyes realize how vast
the universe can be
He aches to stay as he
breaks the cord to leave
(139 characters)

A window seat is a way
to see more clearly, get
a fresh perspective, because
home is anywhere at all
No more or less than
a place to lay his head
(140 characters)

“Are you ready for this?

He nods, gulps back tears, turns to take another look outside, where home shrinks small while he faces new horizons.
(140 characters)

Peter at Peter’s Ponderings wrote a chilling, dark tale that I’m guessing did not have a happy ending!

For maximum casualties from the full load of fuel, the bomb would explode as the plane reached 100 feet. 

Just time for one final prayer!
(136 characters)

Willow at WillowDot21 took us on a whirlwind tale of regret that ended in relief! Whew!

Had he done wrong?Too late now!It had seemed an innocent request. Panicking he open the bag, it was just a scarf the label said.Love to Mum.
{139 Characters}

Sonali at Howling with the Wolf was moved by the gray tones in this week’s prompt, giving us a sad tale.

Weren’t your friends supposed to be on this trip? 
She smiled forlornly.

“They couldn’t make it.”

Abandonment was a bitter pill to digest. 
(137 characters)

Lorraine at her FrillyFreudianSlip took a whimsical look at the mind of a worry-wart.

did I  water the fichus?
did I turn off the stove?
did I unplug the heater?
did I lock the door?
did I leave my keys in the door?
did I . . .
(136 Characters)

Nicola from SometimesStellarStoryteller gave us a futuristic view of a world unraveled by a political ideology. I do hope it’s not a premonition!

I often rode the train to gaze on history, aching for a return to the life replayed here in grayscale, before Trump cremated the surface.
(137 Characters)

Newcomer this week, Paul at LifeAt17 took us on a liberating journey of letting go and hope for the future.

“Finally, I am venturing forth into a new journey away from the shackles of past, away from toxic people and situations sucking me dry.”
(108 Characters)

Irena at Books and Hot Tea wrote about starting over and new beginnings.

Window introduces me to my new home. Leaving was hard, though I had nothing to leave. Arriving is harder, with everything to win or lose.
(137 Characters)

Leara, another newbie to the challenge, of LearaWritesAndTakesPics also told us a tale about new beginnings.

The Tracks
Watching the past pass away with its lights and shadows, I leave it all behind. I leave them all behind. Down these tracks, a new life waits.
(141 Characters)

The Bag Lady carried the new beginnings theme home with a tale of leaving.

Joanne looked out and silently said goodbye to her past. She had to look only forward now. A new life, new job, new destination, success.
(137 Characters)

And starting you all off, here is my tale about going back home…

It had been years. Everything had changed, new buildings and faces. But one thing remained. Home was there, smaller than he remembered.
(135 Characters)


I just have to say, YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! What a great group of twitter tales this week! I love that each one is unique. Even if the theme is similar, it is so interesting to hear your unique voices adding to the narrative. And Bravo y’all. You are masters of brevity, telling your stories, one and all, in 140 characters or less!

Are you ready for this week’s prompt photo? Here you go. Have FUN! 🙂


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Morty roamed the halls of Shady Grove growling at anyone who got too close. But it was well-known if he liked you, your days were numbered.
(139 Characters)

-kat – 7 February 2017

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