An Introverted Soirée

photo by Annie Spratt via Unsplash

Though she hated dinner parties and hosting guests, hated people in general, for that matter, Florrie had a brilliant idea.

She set the table with her most luxurious china, silverware, crystal and cloth linens, snickering with glee as she added the final touch; a host of prickly, obnoxious, highly pollinated compositae forming an island across the middle of the table and protruding from several vases.

When her dinner guests arrived and took their assigned seats around the table, each one was eventually forced to excuse themselves, stricken with sneezing and coughing fits, until there was no one left but Florrie, who was quite pleased with her brilliant self for having pulled off her favorite type of affair, a party for one!

kat ~ 12 January 2017

A Three Line Tale for Sonya’s weekly challenge. Having bad seasonal allergies, I took one look at the”floral” arrangements and knew I would never make it through a dinner at this table!!! 😊

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