Lock – Haiku Extremes

This week’s prompt for Haiku Horizon’s weekly challenge is the word Lock. Lock is one of those words that has multiple meanings or applications. I would venture to say, more than most! It can mean all of these things (from Dictionary.com):

As a Noun:
1. a device for securing a door, gate, lid, drawer, or the like in position when closed, consisting of a bolt or system of bolts propelled and withdrawn by a mechanism operated by a key, dial, etc.
2. a contrivance for fastening or securing something.
3. the mechanism that explodes the charge; gunlock; safety (def 4).
4. any device or part for stopping temporarily the motion of mechanism.
5. an enclosed chamber in a canal, dam, etc., with gates at each end, for raising or lowering vessels from one level to another by admitting or releasing water.
6. an air lock or decompression chamber.
7. complete and unchallenged control; an unbreakable hold.

8. Slang. someone or something certain of success; sure thing: He’s a lock to win the championship.
9.Wrestling. any of various holds, especially a hold secured on the arm,leg, or head:
leg lock.
10. Horology. (in an escapement) the overlap between a tooth of an escape wheel and the surface of the pallet locking it.
11. Metalworking. a projection or recession in the mating face of a forging die.

As a Verb (used with an object):
12.to fasten or secure (a door, window, building, etc.) by the operation of a lock or locks.
13.to shut in a place fastened by a lock or locks, as for security or restraint.
14.to make fast or immovable by or as if by a lock: He locked the steering wheel on his car.
15.to make fast or immovable, as by engaging parts: to lock the wheels of a wagon.
16.to join or unite firmly by interlinking or intertwining: to lock arms.
17.to hold fast in an embrace:She was locked in his arms.
18.to move (a ship) by means of a lock or locks, as in a canal (often followed by through, in, out, down, or up).

19.to furnish with locks, as a canal.
As a Verb (used without object)
20. to become locked: This door locks with a key.
21.to become fastened, fixed, or interlocked : gears that lock into place.
22. to go or pass by means of a lock or locks, as a vessel.
23. to construct locks in waterways.
So…of course I couldn’t write just ONE haiku. I give you two extremes of this very complex four-letter word.
Locks of Hair…

wispy locks of hair
pressed lovingly in vellum
strands of fine-spun gold

CNNWIRE Image from Nice, France

Locked and Loaded…
locked and loaded
terror rages in our streets
promote peace not walls

~kat – 26 July 2016

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