Seasoning – Part 1

Alice imagined the hush of new fallen snow as she gazed from the warmth of the parlor. She smiled. Winter was her favorite time of year.

Since receiving the news she had hoped to spend at least one more holiday with her beloved Henry.

Hints of cinnamon and sage wafted through the air and the sounds of clanking cooking utensils echoed from the kitchen. Henry was preparing a feast of roasted turkey, sweet butter-creamed potatoes, string beans and warm bread pudding with spiced rum sauce.

Alice rarely shared her kitchen with Henry. Cooking was her passion, but this was an annual tradition, and he loved it so.

“Dinner is served my darling girl,” Henry announced entering the dining room with a perfect gold-crusted bird steaming on a silver platter.


His beaming delight dissolved to dread at the sound of her fading voice. The beautiful turkey and silver tray slipped from his grasp bouncing across the floor in a wet plopping, ear-shattering crash.

He rushed to Alice, catching her as she collapsed.

kat – 15 July 2016
(170 Words)

I am afraid I a a week behind on Jane Dougherty’s Microfiction Challenge, but this week’s challenge painting intrigued me. When I read that it was to be the second installment from the previous week, of course I needed to lay the foundation for my story. And so this entry is Part 1. You can other parts HERE.

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