Never Forget – A Trio of Cinquains

Le Somnambule

Le Somnambule by Marc Chagall

A storm
called Katrina
swallowed The Big Easy
abandoned, desperation in

death infested,
crested, licking the walls
relentless, inescapable

young and not so
took to the muck alone
it was every soul for themselves

kat  ~ 13 July 2016

A Cinquain written for Jane Dougherty’s Poetry Challenge based on the painting Le Somnambule (Sleep Walker) by Marc Chagall. When I saw this painting I immediately thought about Hurricane Katrina. This painting represents to me the desperation of the people caught in the storm’s swell and the tragedy of having to leave their beloved pets behind…and the tragedy of our government at the time looking away while the world watched in horror. It was the cat really, who took me there…looking away from the window as if she knew. I used a string of three Cinquains to tell the story. Some things are etched in our memories…for a reason. That we never forget…that we remember so we may avoid repeating the sins of our past. Peace all!

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