A Prayer for Humanity

I found this map online. It reveals the places that have been affected by hatred, terror and violence in our world. There is barely a spot that is not blotted red, but more importantly, the lines and boundaries that one usually sees on a map dividing us country from country are no longer visible. In the face of new tragedies, the slaughter if innocents in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and other places that may not be covered by world news, I am struck by the imagery of this map. We are one.

And so I offer a prayer for us all…for healing and peace. Blessings to all…
Earth bleeds crimson
droplets, blotting
boundaries, revealing
our fragility and utter
dependency on
mercy’s tender

May we
embrace the
common cord
that binds our
hearts in one
accord where Love
prevails victorious
and hatred has
no place.

May it be so…Amen

kat ~ 2 July 2016

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