Spring Migration


“Blue Expanse” by Arkady Rylov

With wind bloated sails Snow Geese head due North
clipping through choppy swells sparked by the spring thaw
the frigate splinters remnant ice shards along ancient aerial pathways
on her maiden spring voyage piloted by instinctual murmurs
across the frigid brackish sea embedded in their DNA,
as cumulus clusters a gaggling cacophony of lusty honks
hang low in the cerulean sky, trumpeting their arrival
a profound sight to behold to land dwellers on the shore.

kat ~ 9 June 2016

A Cleave Poem* for Jane Dougherty’s weekly poetry challenge inspired by the painting “Blue Expanse” by Arkady Rylov and by the prompt words: aerial, profound, murmur, splintering, spark. If you would like to give this challenge a try, or read other examples, click HERE for more info.

*To read a Cleave Poem (which is three poems in one), begin by reading the first column on the left in bold letters from top to bottom, then read the second column on the right in italicized text, and finally read each line across.


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