some see the world in syllables
they speak in an iambic tone
solitary souls, but not alone

a stanza’s pause, invisible
punctuated space in between
crystalline waves of  lucid dreams

brain soft-wired ethereal
meters mingled in rhyme explored
engaged in trysts with metaphors

delightful musings, lyrical
syncopated rhythm flowing
poet’s tender voice bestowing

visions of all things beautiful
in syncopated streams of words
twenty-six letters, nouns and verbs

kat – 15 April 2016

For Jane Dougherty’s Weekly Poetry Challenge, a Constanza, consisting of five or more 3-line stanzas. Each line has a set meter of eight syllables. The first lines of all the stanzas can be read successively as an independent poem, with the rest of the poem weaved in to express a deeper meaning. The first lines convey a theme written in monorhyme, while the second and third lines of each stanza rhyme together.

Rhyme scheme: a/b/b, a/c/c, a/d/d, a/e/e, a/f/f………etc.

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