Sunday’s Week in ReVerse – 20 March 2016

Happy Sunday! And it is a happy…Sunday. But a look at this week’s ReVerse one might suggest that things had taken a turn. Well…they did.

I blame it on the time change. It’s not healthy you know. Saving Daylight? As if daylight needed saving!

Last time I checked Nature had everything running smoothly. Seasons come and go with only a few hiccups, those random, off-season cool snaps and heat waves, that stir our senses in the transition. The sun rises and sets each day without a hitch. Who are we to prescribe it’s coming and going  on a schedule to our liking?

Well, for the record, I don’t like it. And back when it was first proposed as a national energy conserving tactic neither did the farmers. One should not mess with Mother Nature. She does a splendid job of lengthening our days in the warmer seasons if we are patient. We are not.

Daylight Saving is unnatural. Ask any toddler who is sent to bed at their prescribed 8 or 9 pm bedtime in the middle of summer, or better yet, ask the weary parents who must try to convince them to settle down at “night” when the sun is still shining!

I must admit that I have been lulled into acceptance this past week. Leaving my cubicle to beautiful sunlight has been wonderful. But it is a guilty pleasure! I know I am only enjoying it because we are cheating the moon and night of their full measure. Lovely night, with its promise of rest and regeneration, does not deserve our contempt.

And so yes, things are a bit out of whack. Subliminally, the words that spilled out this week are trying to tell me to fall back, to accept Nature’s perfect timing and perfection. We humans are not good at leaving well enough alone!

Sunday’s Week in ReVerse – 20 March 2016

shifting my circadian bleeps
catchy talking points,
not a “joker” smile
always have a plan
as if things matter
I was beginning to think
like being cooked in a microwave oven…
from the inside out!
she wished she had said, “no”
no wonder we turn our stereos to “11”
but eventually they died,
never much liked that mutt,
we all build nests to feel safe
defying the years
can’t get there from here!

If you’re new here, a bit of background to explain the verse above. It is a line from each poem or prose from the previous week, lifted and placed in the order written to create a new poem…a ReVerse snapshot review of the week. It helps me to prepare for the upcoming week with a clean slate.

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