Finding It – Haiku Horizon’s Challenge


From the Original Addams Family…Lurch looks in on Cousin It.

Just for fun, some online friends and I started a rolling message game of exploring the word IT. You know…someone started IT. Then someone asked, “What is IT?” Another posted, “I don’t get IT.” And another, “You still haven’t given IT a chance.”… “Get with IT”…”IT is not that difficult”…you get IT…IT went on for hours…just when we thought we had put IT to rest, someone would start IT all over again, and IT would have us going. IT was impossible to resist. I can honestly say that IT was great fun, even if IT made us all a little crazy. I would do IT again if I could get someone to play along with IT. Okay…okay…there’s a Haiku somewhere in all of this. I’ll let IT rest and and get on with IT…:) IT just happens to be the inspiration for my Haiku for Haiku Horizon’s prompt FIND.

Finding It

It makes you happy
so go out there and find it
but first…what is “it”?

kat ~ 5 January 2016

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