The Un-Resolution


You may resolve each year to live a life of much less stress
of all the resolutions you could make, this one’s the best
except that the solution’s
not to make a resolution
’cause who needs the pressure of less stress to drive you to distress!

kat ~ 28 December 2015

An end of the year Limerick for Rashmi’s Mind and Life Matters Challenge. I couldn’t resist being topically timely with this one. So I chose the theme of Resolutions for this week’s limerick. I don’t like to make resolutions. When I fail, as I am ultimately doomed to do, I end up feeling defeated and guilty. So I find it best to look for ways to be the best I can be everyday, instead of piling up expectations for the beginning of each new year! So far it has worked well. And I do manage to get things accomplished from year to year. 🙂

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