Sunday’s Week in Verse – 27 December 2015

Sometimes I have to ruminate a bit on Sunday’s aggregated verse. But this past week had a mostly singular focus in anticipation of family gatherings and all our highest aspirations for love, joy and peace. Even some of the writing prompts followed seasonal themes. 

I give you then, this week in verse with the hope that you found all of those things in your corners of the world too. Happy happy!

Sunday’s Week in Verse – 27 December 2015

Like frost-kissed stardust!
It would most certainly come true.
Time and grace have helped…
Under friendly fire.
Except for the rain.
They played for hours
Competing light shows.
Dust covers each inch
our days are numbered
All sentiments of hope for peace, with wishes warm and bright.
“Surprise me!”
Hey what am I?
Merry Happy HanuHoliChristIvus to You!
…not found in giving things
…practice kindness.

kat ~ 27 December 2015

If you’re new to this blog, a bit of background to explain the verse above. It is a line from each poem or prose from the previous week. Lifted and placed in the order written. A snapshot review of the week. It helps me to prepare for the upcoming week with a clean the slate

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