Sweet Liberation!

This evening while checking in on my special shape-shifting leaf, i realized it had happened. She spread her wings and let go! I have learned so much from that little leaf, but I think her final lesson may be the greatest one of all…peace and gentle landings to you dear reader.

As rain and chill and darkness fell
She spread her wings to ride the wind!
Attachments shed, in weightless bliss,
She’ll slumber now through frost’s first kiss.
How gracefully she gives herself
Unto her final rest,
Nestled near the heart
of our dear mother’s gentle breast.
Would that I, when that time comes
For me to breathe my last,
Like my gentle friend, the leaf,
embrace my dance with death.
For seasons come and seasons go
Each living thing must die,
But grace abounds to guide us all
into the bye and bye.

Happy Slumber Little Leaf-Bird!

~ kat ~ 30 November 2015

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