In Black & White

Wow! This challenge was a CHALLENGE. I never would have imagined such simple words could cause me such angst. I noticed others stepped up to the task with ease and grace. Those Haiku that I have read so far are wonderful! You all made it look so easy! Bravo!

As for me this particular word pair came kicking and screaming from my brain to the page. Maybe it was the rain? Not enough coffee? No excuses! I have always said that I like a challenge. Thanks once again Ronovan for supplying me with just that. If you’d like to give it a go, click HERE.


The prompts for this Haiku Challenge from RonovanWrites are: Black & White. I came up with three. Why, you ask?  Because I suppose I am a (m)utton for punishment! Haha! Get it? mutton…glutton…I digress. I suppose it has more to do with the fact that I have gotten in the habit of consulting my thesaurus and dictionary for these challenges, so naturally, to give these words full voice required more than one. 🙂

Happy Monday to you!

Her beauty was rare
skin pearlescent, glowing
crowned by raven locks.

Black sheep have their perks
unlike their hoary siblings,
no expectations!

This black-white haiku…
it turned out to be all but
simply black and white.

kat ~ 30 November 2015

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