Up a Creek

Photo Credit: A Mixed Bag 2014

“What in blazes were you thinking Jeff?!”

“Well, Uncle Joe said they floated on the river in tire inner tubes.”

“Right! INNER tubes…with AIR inside!!! Not TIRES…you dummy! How’re we gonna get that thing out of the river and back into the garage before dad finds out? I shouldn’t help you!

“Pleeeease!!! I’ll do your chores for a week!”

“Let me think about this for a minute.”

“Maybe we can…”


“I was thinkin’…”

“Don’t think! You’ll only make it worse!”

“Pete! Someone’s coming!”

“Hey guys…whatcha up to?”

“Hey Dad…we were just…”

“Hi dad! Well Jeff, are you gonna tell him or should I?!”

kat ~ 29 November 2015
(105 Words)

This is a story prompted by the photo above for Sunday Photo Fiction. If you’d like to read more stories or enter your own, click HERE.

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