Polka-Dotted, One-Eyed Angels


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“Where am I? How did I get here?”

The last thing Milly remembered, she was driving on some old country road. It was raining. Hard. But stopping was not an option. She had an appointment to keep.

“The road must be near by,” she thought.

As she stood sweeping leaves off her sweater, a flash of color caught her eye, startling her. Milly followed the flash to the base of an old hollow tree. One by one silly heads popped up. They reminded her of her childhood toys. Scary as they were, she slept with them every night to feel safe from the monsters she didn’t know.

Sounds of heavy equipment rattled just past a grove of trees nearby. Milly rushed over to see her mangled car being hoisted on a flatbed truck.

“What is happening?” she screamed. “Why can’t you hear me?! I’m right here!”

Just then, her grandmother’s voice whispered from behind, “There there, Milly dear. You’re in heaven.”

kat ~ 24 November 2015

(174 Words)

A story for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers (FFfAW) Challenge #41. If you would like to read more stories or enter your own story, check HERE.

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