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Checkmate Baby

Charlotte was a ‘checkers’ kind of girl. Occasionally she entertained a game of backgammon or tic-tac-toe, but chess? That was his thing. Strategy was not Charlotte’s strong suit.

She didn’t mind at all that Stuart invited friends to the house when he got in a mood for a game. But tonight was different. His guest for the evening was Claire, an attractive woman he’d met at work. Stuart was quite oblivious to this femme fatale, but Charlotte read right through her fake smile and polite nod. Charlotte found a corner in the adjoining room and waited.

It wasn’t long before Claire made her move. Charlotte’s instincts had been spot on. Claire had slipped between the game table and Stuart’s chair and was leaning in toward him, to his horror, when Charlotte rushed into the parlor to thwart her advances.

“I believe this is what you call a ‘Checkmate’. Am I right Stuart?”

Recovering from his initial shock, Stuart sputtered, “Uh…Right you are Charlotte.” He turned to Claire and declared, “you heard the Queen. This game is over.”

As Claire let herself out, Stuart winked at his wife, “and you said you were no good at playing chess!”


(198 Words)

For the Sunday Photo Fiction Challenge inspired by this photo by our host Al.

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