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Just getting this out of my head and onto the page. I don’t like being angry. But that’s my reality right now and I’m guessing I’m not alone. I don’t want to forget how I’m feeling right now. Accepting it, recognizing it, redirecting this anger toward making a change, to once and for all righting the wrongs of our collective apathy and hopelessness is how i choose to move forward, for myself, for the children, for the outcast, the marginalized, the forgotten…for our world. But first, right now, I’m just angry. 
enough is enough

your thoughts and prayers
pierce us like daggers
emptying our hearts
of the last drops of grace
for your boastful posturing,
your lies, your meaningless
words that seek
to change the narrative,
holding us hostage while
you wait, wait, wait for us
to forget once again
that you really don’t care
about the slaughtering
of innocents, or for refugees,
or others, not like you,
please save your prayers
to your vengeful god,
a hateful god who doles death
to the weak, who brandishes
weapons of war proudly, a god
in whom no mercy can be found
for the meek, a god that you’ve
created in your own image
who boasts of being pro life
while shattering
the lives of the living
we will not forget
how you led the lambs to slaughter
how you congratulated yourselves,
for protecting the rights of monsters,
there’s a special place in hell for you,
would that I believed in hell


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