I Don’t Get It – A Décima

I Don’t Get It

Please tell me, how do you defend
the vile actions of the prez
the awful things he does and says
while guzzling down his koolaid blend
of hateful rhetoric and then
you want to give him four more years
to level all that we hold dear
and sell our souls to oligarchs,
do you not see his evil heart?
That you are lost for good, I fear.


This little poetry form gives me license to vent on the politics of the day. Honestly, I just don’t get it. 😳

For today’s challenge at Ronovanwrites, write a décima where the word BLEND must be one of the A line words. Then the other A line(s) word(s) must rhyme with BLEND.

A Décima is a 10-line poem with 8 syllables per line. The rhyme pattern is: abbaaccddc. Further study of this form indicates that the subject matter of a Décima tends to be more socially conscious than some poems, taking on topics such as philosophy, politics, dogma, and religion. It can also be in the form of satire, criticism or insulting to an enemy/opponent in a situation. 

Sometimes you break the rhyme into two stanzas using the following rhyme pattern. abbaac/cddc.

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