affluent hoarding

affluent hoarding

a legacy of poverty means that even in times
of plenty, one cannot quench the urge to fill
cupboards with rows of non-perishables, that
will ultimately collect dust, but they are there,
just in case; there’s a propensity to buy two
of everything, to maintain double locks on
doors, to install shades and opaque curtains
to keep the outside, out; to have the car
loaded always with no less than half a tank,
blankets, rations, loose change, because one
never knows; all while obsessing over bank
account balances, due dates, a daily ritual,
a masochistic exercise, of checking dwindling
numbers especially when managing a joint
account with someone whose life was not
touched by empty cupboards, homelessness,
insufficient funds, and never enough, no never
enough, double-check, even when there is


For Time, Love, Misery’s Menageries Sunday Writing Prompt – the theme this week is Peace of Mind.

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