Abubble – Friday’s Word of the Day

Today’s dictionary.com word of the day is ‘Abubble’. Now, first things first. This fine adjective is in the scrabble dictionary and will net you a respectable 13 base points in Scrabble and an even better 18 base points in Words With Friends. Though, I should point out that there are only two B’s in standard Scrabble and Words with Friends decks, so you’ll need a wild tile to pull it off. Bananagram, on the other hand, gives us three B’s to work with, because? Well I am guessing, ‘banana’ of course, but that’s just a guess.

Abubble is defined as ’characterized by intense enthusiasm or activity: the store was abubble with last-minute shoppers’, and ‘bubbling, as while cooking or boiling’.

Dictionary.com also gives us an English language lesson in its description of the origin of abubble:

“There are English adjectives that, like abubble, can be used only in the predicate and not as attributives, such as aglow and asleep : one can say “The baby is asleep,” but not “the asleep baby.” These predicative adjectives are in origin noun phrases consisting of the preposition on governing a following noun, which also explains why predicate adjectives show no degree of comparison (e.g., asleeper, asleepest) and cannot be modified by adverbs (e.g., “The baby is extremely asleep”). Abubble entered English in the 18th century.”

I can tell you that my spellcheck does not like this word, instigating a me-said, spellcheck-said battle every time I try to type it. It’s most annoying, having to override a persistent A.I.Bot who thinks the ‘a’ should be separated from its “bubble”.

But that just won’t do for today’s word of the day. A bubble is a noun after all, but abubble is something quite different. Ultimately I win this battle of wit and words, though spellcheck is a sore loser and underlines my word in red to remind me that it’s not over. Oh no. Spellcheck will slip into autocorrect every chance it gets if I’m not on my p’s and q’s and abubble’s.

I will admit there is a certain satisfaction that comes with out-texting spellcheck. One might say that I am abubble over winning this battle when spellcheck finally puts away its red line and lets me have my way.

Anyhoo…(can you believe spellcheck didn’t tag anyhoo? I don’t think it’s speaking to me now…big baby!) I should close out with a Senryu or Haiku. (Oh, there you are Spellcheck, with your red line! You don’t like Senryu, eh? Well, I can assure you that a Senryu is a thing. It’s a Poetry form in the pattern of a Haiku 5-7-5. From Wikipedia: Senryu tend to be about human foibles while haiku tend to be about nature, and senryu are often cynical or darkly humorous while haiku are more serious. So there!)

the pols are abubble
as he wields his crayon
signing us to debt


Yep…uh-hmmm…this just happened. (My newsfeed just announced this headline on the top of my screen…”Trump Signs a Sweeping $1.5 Trillion Tax Bill into Law”.) We are so (fill in your favorite expletive here), and we, as in regular, working people, are most certainly not abubble one tiny bit…though it is also true that our tempers might just be! Grrrrr!

Have a lovely weekend!

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