Graying Streams of Consciousness

Graying Streams of Consciousness

bleary eyed, bright
lights, crying, gulping
air, breathing,
soothing sweet
milk flowing, warm
love, bunting soft, safe
she’s in there somewhere

wobbly knees, feet
pressed on cold linoleum,
toes-gripping, step by
step, walking, mouthing
sounds, wording,
mama, pa, talking
she’s in there somewhere

butterfly kisses, bumped
knees, bruised
elbows, big bed, tucked
tight, prayers for
soul keeping, fairy
tale whispers, magic sprite
she’s in there somewhere

books bags, bologna,
bread, mustard, cursive
scratch, fountain pen
perfect, friendly foe
drama, first crush,
pep-rallied awkward
she’s in there somewhere

young love, bliss
wedded, babies, more
babies, 9 to 5 working
surviving, surviving
love fading, still
thriving, heart breaking
she’s in there somewhere

empty nest echo, wild
dreams deferred, then
finding herself, soaring,
smile-lined, curled
locks graying, young,
wise, remembering
she’s in there somewhere


For Mind Love Misery’s Menagerie Sunday Writing Prompt: “Know Thyself” inspired by this monologue from the film/play “The Dresser”:

I thought I caught a sight of him tonight
— or myself as he sees me –
speaking reason not the need I became detached from myself, my thoughts flow and I was observing from a great height
— go on you bastard I seemed to be saying or hearing, go on you’ve more to give, go on more more more —
and I was watching Lear
— each word he spoke was fresh invented, I had no knowledge of what came next, what fate awaited me, the agony of acting was in the moment created —
I saw an old man and the old man was me —
outside myself —
do you understand?
— outside myself

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