Shi Sai Sunday’s Week in ReVerse – 18 December 2016

Happy Sunday! We had a beautiful full moon this week. I love the Roman word for moon, Luna. Considered the feminine counterpart to the masculine Sol, for the sun, Luna has been a favorite subject of artists and writers, her beautiful full face, an illuminated fixture in night sky.

Though earth revolves around the sun, the moon revolves around the earth. She always shows us her face, each facet glowing with the same intensity. Some would say that she is only a dark orb of rock, a pale reflection of the sun’s light but I believe she makes the light accessible to us. We cannot gaze for long at Sol’s blustering, spitting face. Luna filters that intensity and softens the destructive nature of the Sol’s all-consuming, blinding fierceness. She bends the light so we can gaze upon it. She often calls us to reflect, to hope, to dream. And she is by no means weak or powerless. She commands the night sky, dipping her finger into the oceans causing them to swell in the rising of the tides. Even when the earth blocks her face from the light, she is there, unchanged, surrounded by a host of stars.

Luna, with her feminine traits, causes me to reflect on a few important truths about being female, despite what we have been encouraged to believe. It is interesting that I started this week with a reminder to love oneself and ended it with a comforting recipe that I share every year with my daughters. In the same way, I feel compelled to share this “recipe”; a list of affirmations on what it is to be female in this man dominated world. And to the beautiful men reading this…it is not my intention to dismiss your magnificent traits. It is the times we are in. With so many ugly words and actions directed toward women, I feel we need to be reminded who we are.

You are a woman…
You are a compliment and partner, not a pale or lessor reflection of man.
You have a purpose and a path, you are not a possession that needs keeping.
You are mysterious and intuitive.
You are strong.
You are powerful.
You are beautiful.
You are vibrant, not a cold, inanimate object.
You are a hearth keeper with the ability to contain and soften the intensity of raging fires, warming those around you.
You are fierce.
You are a co-creator of life.
You are a nurturer.
No attempts to control you will ever change these truths.
You are a woman.

…and here is today’s Shi Sai.. 

Shi Sai Sunday’s Week in ReVerse – 18 December 2016

Remember to love yourself my friends
we are a long fall from Eden
fair Luna owns the night sky
nothing warmed her heart more than a crackling fire
it is quite a rush
always thought ye were a legend though,
peaches, cream and sweet kisses
it’s just horsefeathers
murmurs of spring…
So just as I would tell my daughters from memory each winter, I’m sharing my recipe with you.


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