But Tradition…a Three Line Tale


Photo by William Bout

“It was tradition after all,” the teens told themselves, “kids have always climbed to the top of the old lighthouse to celebrate the end of school, to set their dreams for the future, written on small squares of paper, free to sail on the wind!

No matter that a fierce storm was fast approaching the inlet, so severe that even those who lived on higher, dry ground had already left the island seeking the safety of the mainland, tradition was tradition and Dream Night always happened on the first Monday after graduation, no exceptions.

So they ventured to the lighthouse, fearing that changing to another night might ruin the chances for their dreams to come true but the wind whipped the waves into furious swells swallowing them all with their dreams still intact, clenched in their cold wet hands, as a dozen young people learned too late that sometimes tradition is meant to be broken.

kat ~ 21 October 2016

A Three Line Tale for Sonya’s weekly challenge Three Line Tale for Sonya’s weekly challenge based on the photo above by William Bout. Veering from tradition seems to be a theme for me when it comes to these three line story challenges. But hey, nothing wrong with that right?! I definitely makes life interesting.:)

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