Star War

A poem (comprised of 5 10-syllable lines with end words on each line that rhyme) for Jane Dougherty’s Poetry Challenge #50 based on the painting you see here. It just so happens that there is buzz in the news this week that NASA has discovered a new constellation. Well not a new one, it’s been there for eons, but their revelation has caused them to suggest that there are 13 zodiac signs not 12. This is terribly confusing and I am afraid I cannot wrap my brain around the new “me”.  Here’s my nifty little poem about stargazing.


“Constellations” by C. Santieau

I’ve always known that I’m a Gemini,
guided by twin stars in the night sky.
Its signs and attributes to me apply,
but scientific theory now implies
I’m Taurus born! That’s Bull I just can’t buy!

kat  ~ 29 September 2016

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