While We Sleep – A Ghazal


The Dawn by John la Farge, 1899

Saving dreamers from eternal sleep,
she rips night’s veil asunder while we sleep.

The moon grows pale as slowly she descends,
to dip past the horizon while we sleep.

And fiery sun glows red at cusp of day,
his passion rousing creatures while we sleep.

But Dawn controls this dance of vast extremes
she summons mist to cool us while we sleep.

Though utter darkness looms, our souls to keep,
we trust Dawn to protect us while we sleep.

kat ~ 18 August 2016

A Ghazal for Jane Dougherty’s Weekly Poetry Challenge, prompt word: “Dawn”. You can learn more about the Ghazal at Shadow Poetry. This form is not for the faint of heart. But I do encourage you to give it a go. You’ll feel so accomplished if and when you are able to pull it off. (Hoping I managed at least a middling Ghazal my first try. This form will take some practice!)

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