A Key is a Key is a Key

This is for Haiku Horizon’s weekly haiku challenge, prompt word “Key”.

Did you know that their are quite a few meanings and applications for the word “key”? It can be an instrument that unlocks something, a guide for reading symbols on maps, or a guide to colours and symbols used in a data chart, graph, plot or diagram or something that directs one to the answer of a test, riddle or to the solution of a problem. It can be a sandy island formed on the surface of a coral reef, a type of coupling used to transmit rotation between a shaft and an attached item in engineering or a piece of information that controls the operation of a cryptography algorithm. It can be the name of a person, place or company. With all these options to choose from for my haiku this week I thought I would have a little fun and combine three meanings in one 5-7-5 verse! I give you the sad story of Mr. Key…😊

Poor old Mr. Key…
retracing his steps would be key
to finding his keys!

~kat – 31 July 2016

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