Hello Snail, Fancy Meeting You Here!

Hello there Mr…er…Ms Snail. Actually snails are both…hermaphrodites that is. How cool is that? And they are quite self sufficient, carrying their homes with them wherever they go. 

I did a bit of research on my little visitor this evening. When a Snail shows up, it’s a reminder to be patient. Check! 

They might also show up when things are moving too fast. Check that!

It also may indicate that things are a bit stagnant. Okay okay I’m listening! 

A Snail is associated with the moon and connects earth and water elements. Mmmm…Elementally speaking, for this air (Gemini)/water (Pisces) with water  (Cancer) rising girl (me)…I get this too. I am feeling slightly grounded right now and not in a good way. 

Did you happen to notice the baby snail tagging a ride on the bigger one? This sparks a bit of hope in me! 

I think there is a final message for me on this misty Independence Day from my friend the snail and her tiny sidekick. 

Don’t lose hope. Slow down, be patient…You’re not there yet, but you’re sure to get there ( yes, I do have a few goals in mind…😊). Pay attention. You might be overlooking the obvious. And finally, steady and slow is the key.

Check, check and check. 

Thanks for the chat my friend. I’m glad you stopped by when you did!

~kat – 4 July 2016

Do creatures ever surprise you, showing up in close proximity begging your attention? It’s not necessarily a random thing. The ancient and tribal civilizations found great truth and meaning in nature. If an animal or creature crosses your path, pause to consider what they’re saying to you! You might be surprised.

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