The Letter – Part 9

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 It wasn’t like Grace. She was a “pick up on the second ring” kind of girl. After 5 failed attempts to connect with her friend, Laura was worried. Attempt number 6 lapsed into Grace’s voicemail box just as Laura pulled into the driveway. The front door was ajar so she let herself in.

The house was eerily quiet. Afternoon sunlight flooded the emptiness with pale dust speckled streams of light. Laura rushed from room to room calling to her friend, “Grace, sorry for popping in on you, but you didn’t answer your phone and you know I hate it when you ignore me!” Laura’s lame attempt at humor was more for her own sake. With each empty room she grew more worried.

Her heart was racing by the time she entered Annie’s room. It was empty, like all the others, no sign of Grace. Laura scanned the room. The bed linens were neatly folded on the end of the mattress, labeled boxes were stacked near the closet. Nothing seemed out of place except for the crumpled envelope on the floor.

“Oh god!” Laura muttered, as she reached down to pick it up. A freshly penned note on the nightstand caught her eye. “What is it with this family and letter writing?!”


If you’re reading this, thanks for being such a good friend. You probably have news for me. Well, if your parents were honest with you, you might. I already know what you came to tell me. Dad left me a letter too. After reading it I knew what I had to do. June needs to hear from me what I’m guessing my parents never had the heart to say. They were both too kind. I’ve packed my things. I’m heading home. There is nothing in this house I want or need. Forgive me for not giving you a proper goodbye. I’m okay. Really I am. If you’re ever in the city, look me up. You have my number.

I love you girlfriend,


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