Shi Sai Sunday, A Week in ReVerse – 8 May 2016

Happy Sunday. And Happy Mother’s Day! Today’s shi sai doesn’t really need an introduction or summation. It stands alone. It says it all.

But this I know. Having a mother, being one and having the joy of watching my own daughters become mothers is a mysterious, miraculous, demonstration of grace. Grace….embracing, releasing, forgiving, healing…with love unconditional, deep and infinite.

“Mother” is a word that conjures up a full range of emotions. For some, love and nurture, and for others, it can be…complicated. But for all of us there is grace to be who we were born to be.

Shi Sai Sunday, A Week in ReVerse – 8 May 2016

grace always makes room
flooding the earth slaying the soul
every morning before dawn
shades of soft wisteria
dreams, sweet dreams, quenching
those guilty of turpitude,
so I couldn’t pass this one up
you already know
surrounded by your favorite flowers, thorns and all, I would like to thank you Mom, for inspiring me even in your brokenness to become the daughter, woman and mother I am today….
hug your babies while they’re young
time passes in a blink!


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