For Jane Dougherty’s poetry prompts this week, the charcoal drawing by Odilon Redon, entitled “Tears” and by the words: Tears, Horizon, Fly, Hue, Stealing. 

I also took a bit of inspiration from Greek mythology and the story of Hypnos, son of Nyx, who won the hand of the youngest of the Graces, as payment for favors rendered to the Goddess Hera… 


Charcoal drawing by Odilon Redon, entitled ‘Tears

She was light to his darkness,
most tender of the Graces, stealing
his heart at first
glance, her soft hypnotic
hue, shimmering pearlescent against
the purple-black horizon, a ransom
paid for favors, shifting
the tide of his fly-by-night
existence, giving birth to
dreams, sweet dreams, quenching
his eternal longing for sunrises and
sets, collecting his bitter
tears of regret in
rivers of forgetfulness.

kat ~ 6 May 2016

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