Shi Sai Sunday – A Look Back in Re-Verse – 1 May 2016


Happy May! It is Sunday time to look back as I do each week in a Shi Sai poem (a new form I coined yesterday that explains the odd collection of lines you see below…each one a favorite taken from this past week’s previous poems). I’m liking the new look of my Sunday post title. 🙂

It has been a busy week, complicated by a few days of being down, thanks to the generosity of my coworkers who love to share and who insist on coming to work when they are sick! That is certainly not me. When I am sick I like to crawl under my covers in a darkened room and sleep until whatever it is that I have has passed.

At any rate, I am relieved and quite excited to have completed my daily poem and new poetry form challenge to myself for the month of April. (I had no idea that it was a thing when I decided to give it a go…so I didn’t link to any similar challenges.I wasn’t being antisocial…just oblivious.)

I like today’s Shi Sai (Re-Verse). The week was indeed quite magical. There were several new poetry forms to learn, close-ups photos of flowers, celebrating the freedom flight of my garden faerie, and a successful google search for the mystery writer who first penned the word of the day on Friday. Not to mention, on a side note in cubicle world, I cracked the equation codes for an elaborate spreadsheet my boss asked me to develop…Haha! Bet you didn’t think this right-brained dreamer had it in her did you? That said, my first love will always be words. My relationship with numbers is, let us say….complicated!

And as the week came to a close…a rant. It was good to get the words and feelings out of my head so they wouldn’t fester there and cause me to do or say something I might regret…but I am generally a positive person. I try to live my life simply, respecting and having compassion for others. Life is too short for ugly. So the line for the poem below could only be the one I chose. Grace is new every morning after all. And I still hope.

Simple pseudo-handles work just fine.
waxing poetic perfection in words
graced in amaranthine blush
There once was a faerie held captive in clay,
if I were a faerie…it might look something like this!
as you looked away, blushing
when she was young and flowers bloomed… 
Sleep on waves of red velvet
birdsong, wind-tossed forest whispers…
turn to ash aching for warmth
souls revealed line by beautiful line
The truth is just a breath away.

~kat 1 May 2016

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