Echoes of my Neighborhood

So…I don’t get out much! I know, I know, I admit I work too much. When I finally did manage an outing this past weekend we had a mini blizzard! So I am afraid the lovely downtown farmer’s market photos I had planned didn’t happen. In fact, the farmers barely showed up! There were a few brave souls but even fewer customers.

Not to worry, in my attempt to escape the elements I happened upon a new shop of metaphysical trinkets and curiosities! And I found a new inside toy! A sand photo box! I can watch these for hours, and have, since I brought it home!

So, I am moving it inside this week, into a dreamy corner of my nest to “listen” to floating drifts of sand, streams of tan and brown with a flash of gold. They have quite a lot to say! Have a wonderful Thursday!


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