Echoes of my Neighborhood

Happy Thursday! I decided to send you some actual echoes from my corner of the world. I realized in the preparation for this post that I am forced to listen to a lot of NOISE!!! Loud, grating noise that I have learned to tune out as I go about my day.

Spending 30 seconds actually listening to the droning cacphony of my life, I wonder how I can possibly hear anything pleasant at all!

No wonder we turn our stereos to “11”. As for me I’ve developed a habit of humming…nothing particular. I just hum random notes, which makes my significant other crazy! It’s self preservation. I hum to hear myself think! At any rate, I will share some random noise from my day. I’m sure you’ll agree after listening, 24 hours a day of this, and you too might take to humming!!!!

This first clip is the lovely morning sounds that greet me as I take my little blind and deaf dog, Lucy, for a wee. Fortunately she can’t hear what I hear. I live near a train yard that houses dozens of cars that transport coal. This is the sound of the cars grinding along…CLICK HERE

Then, after a quick breakfast, I hop into my car and drive 20 minutes or so to THIS! More NOISE!!!

And then at work, if I have to go out into the warehouse…THIS!!! Thank goodnees I have my cubicle with a view to escape to! My desk however, sits underneath the heat/air system exhaust vent. At random times throughout the day it kicks in…I’ll leave that one to your imagination. 

But there are times when I do manage to turn off the noise…or at least find a moment of Zen…when it’s softly raining and birds are chirping. I live for these moments! They are what keep me sane! 

Have a great week. I hope you find your own peaceful moments in the midst of your noisy corners of the world! Here then is a bit of Zen…

Thanks to Jacqueline at a cooking pot and twisted tales. Click HERE to see other neighborhoods from around the globe!


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