Wood – A Few Haiku

A couple of Haiku in response to TJs Household Haiku Challenge…to write about Wood as it inhabits our homes and daily lives.

The first features the newspaper that graces my front porch informing my day with the world’s events. I forget sometimes that these inky sheets of pulp were once trees.

My second Haiku reminds me how far we have come with technology and everyday innovations that enrich and enhance how we live our lives. Once upon a time, dentures were made of wood! Today we have beautiful enamels and veneers, but our first president never had the pleasure or, I’m guessing, the comfort of well-fitted teeth. We have certainly come a long way!

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Business people reading paper CREDIT Β© Image Source RF / Ben Kepler

The Daily Beat

Pulpy sheets of wood
Fuel water cooler powwows
With the daily beat.


Painting by Gilbert Stuart

Shuttered Smile

With teeth made of wood
He never smiled in portraiture
George Washington on ice.

~kat / 23 January 2016

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