Into the Woods


The woods are lovely, dark and deep
Deep in thought I wander there
There to find sweet solitude
solitude from worldly cares.

Worldly cares that rob my soul
soul swept weary, jumbled mind
mind uncluttered free to be
be…and lose myself from time.

Time will pass though I won’t care
Care to join me, take the leap?
Leap carefree into the woods…
the woods are lovely, dark and deep.

kat ~ 21 January 2016

I have been wanting to try a “chain” poem style after having read one recently. Basically, you start each line with the last word or short phrase from the previous line. This is my first go at it, while also responding to Jane Dougherty’s latest poetry challenge…Take a favourite line from a song, verse, book, etc., and feature it in a poem. The line I chose is from the poem Stopping By The Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost. (I found the photo featured here at Inspire Leads). With winter and impending snow looming this weekend, I am in a wintry frame of mind! If you would like to ready other poems or enter your own, please click HERE.


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