…on a Mission

Photo Credit: Etol Bagam

“Are you sure you have the right address? This is an odd place…”

“Yes…I’m sure.”

“How about the date and time. Maybe…”

“Look! Here’s the letter! This is the place. Today’s the day…and we’re right on time! I knew this would be a waste of time!”

“Well, they might just be running late. Let’s give it a few more minutes.”

A door slammed. Minutes later a frail white-haired man shuffled toward them mumbling gibberish to himself. He cocked his head to the side, eying them both.

“Which one o’ you is her? I don’t have all day here.”

“I’m Sarah Morgan. The one who conta…”

“Yeah yeah, well here’s what ya’ came for. Don’t you be blabbin’ about where you got it. I told ya, I don’t want no trouble…ya hear?”

Sarah took the envelope and pressed it to her heart. Inside was the name and address of the couple that adopted her daughter…against her will.

She typed the address into the gps. “Let’s go.”

kat ~ 13 January 2016
(169 Words)

This story is a flash fiction challenge prompted by the photo above by Etol Bagam and provided by my friend PJ at FFfAW (Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers). Read other stories or enter your own by clicking HERE.

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