Countdown to Now


Cascading Cedar by Kat Myrman 2015


Tick tock countdown…ten, nine, eight…
Another year waits at the gate
As last year’s memories start to fade
And new beginning plans are made
Let’s reconcile all regrets
And make our peace with goals not met
The slate is clean to pen anew
Our greatest hopes for dreams come true
Alas, before the clock ticks one
Take a breath what’s done is done
A moment’s pause is all we need
To tap into eternity
With no beginning and no end
It truly comes to this my friend
Forget your plans and silly lists
Embrace the bliss of mindfulness!

kat ~ 31 December 2015

A most Happy New Year full of precious moments to you and yours! I haven’t been a WordPresser long, but the friendships from those of you who have liked my posts and seen fit to even follow me have so enriched my life. Thank you for your presence! Peace out! ❤️

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