It’s been a productive day…chores done, a flash of fiction penned and a resurrected poem from the vaults that needed a bit of tweaking. Like the one here. Not surprisingly, I am plastered to my computer screen…scrolling, trolling and thinking to myself…I need a LIFE! Haha! I am hooked. It is my love of reading I tell myself, why I flip back and forth in my browser from WordPress Reader to Facebook Wall. Living a distance from my grown children and my grandchildren are one of the reasons why I can’t stay away. That’s what I tell myself. In fact, the flashing blue screen is a guilty obsession. I do have a life waiting for me on the other side of the door…but first…just one more look…;)

blank fb wall
Like a beast to
the trough I sift
through the backwash
of drivel and banter.
A daily practice in search
of things worth liking.
To be be inspired,
affirmed and yes, even
provoked and to enjoy
an occasional LOL.
Faceless Book of
smoke and mirrors!
Try as I may
I cannot resist.
To like or not to like?
There is no question.
Only longing
for authenticity ‘midst
the dross of human
experiences that post
incessantly to my
useless wall, for it
keeps nothing out.
Seductive graffiti
as news…feed.
kat ~ 13 December 2015

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