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Sunday’s Week in ReVerse ~ 28 February 2016

Happy Sunday to you this Leap Day’s Eve! What a week it has been! I missed participating in a few of my favorite challenges this week being otherwise occupied while attending to my partner who had surgery. It made for a short work week which meant cramming 5 days of work into three, a very early, long into the night, hospital day and a flurry of prep to bring the patient home.

Here we are beginning a new week and I am overwhelmed. Not because of the detour from our routine, but because I feel so blessed! The surgery went well, I got all my work done, I was able to fit a few naps in between the craziness and I am blessed to have people in my life to care for and who care for me. And btw…the sun came out today!

Life happens. Despite our best attempts to plan and schedule, things can change in an instant. Even when we know a detour is coming up ahead, there is no way to fully prepare for every twist and turn of the revised trip. We might even find we arrive slightly off our intended destination point. Life happens.

I have learned that it is best in these situations to go with the flow. To pause along the way to take in the new scenery. To embrace the blessings to be found in the unfamiliar (sometimes those are the best kind) :).

The circumstances outside may be a chaotic jumbled mess but if I remember to pause, to breathe, everything I need is tucked away in that moment waiting for me to notice, centering me in peace.

The coming week is sure to be full of surprises…I’ll write when I have a window, nap when the lulls give me a wink, and go with the flow of this beautiful, messy thing called life. may you too have a week of surpising blessings! Here’s a quick look back…

Sunday’s Week in ReVerse ~ 28 February 2016

Prone to incessant word churn
Lips, on the cusp of a smile
mischievous poltergeist,
’twas me who blinked first.
Like a dull needle skipping clumsily
across a broken record, they repeated
the same words.
And we wait…
Engage in futile stances,
Heart murmuring

~ kat

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