the things i would tell you, even though you already know…NaPoWriMo 2019 #15


the things i would to tell you, even though you already know…

we’re comfortable in an old shoe kind of way,
like a warm sweater on a brisk autumn evening,
comfortable like a song you know all the words to,
or a favorite book with all the best parts earmarked for keeping.
i know every mole, every hair, the where and why’s of your tattoos,
and the way your nostrils flare when you’re angry,
you’re eyes of blue have flecks of grey and black that change
depending on the weather or candlelight…or moonlight…
my shoulders  remember warmth of your embraces,
my lips, your soft kisses, tasting of tobacco and spearmint,
your heart, with its rhythmic cadence comforts me, grounds me,
your soft breasts are a place where I could rest my head forever,
if you’d let me, if we had the time…twenty years  we’ve danced this dance
reading each other’s minds, finishing each other’s sentences…
you know they said it wouldn’t last but they don’t know you like I do
like an old worn out pair of shoes we are, with a few miles left before we’re through
(this one’s for T)

For NaPoWriMo 2019 #15 Prompt: write your own dramatic monologue.  It doesn’t have to be quite as serious as Browning or Shakespeare, of course, but try to create a sort of specific voice or character that can act as the “speaker” of your poem, and that could be acted by someone reciting the poem.

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