Slipping Between the Cracks – Terza Rima 4-One

“Slipping Between the Cracks” is an idiom that refers to someone or something being forgotten or neglected; something being lost by falling between floorboards. (Not to be confused with “slipping through the cracks”…to go unnoticed or undealt with; to be unintentionally neglected or ignored, especially in a corporate, political, or social system.) There’s a subtle difference between the two…one implies fading into oblivion, forgotten; the other is a major unintentional blunder.

For this week’s Terza Rima Challenge I’ll be looking for the overlooked. It might take more than one stanza to tell the story, but that is what I’m going for. To bring to light things forgotten.

I pass this old abandoned house everyday on my walk. And so its untold storytelling begins…


old house abandoned, now wasting away
empty and dark with its doors shuttered tight
the old woman died, who once lived here, they say

no record exists of her obscure life
she lived in this house, built, 1918
the tree died too, when they turned out the lights

remembering when that tree was still green
smiles we exchanged; never knowing her name
gone with the mist now, forever unseen


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